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Benefits of Betel Leaves To Various Diseases

Betel Leaves For ToothacheBoil the betel leaves , use water to rinse , . Repeat several times until cured toothaches , especially on the sick . This recipe is also useful for canker sores , swollen gums and bad breath .Betel Leaves For Heart DiseaseWash three betel leaves which meet ruasnya position , 3 pieces 4 pieces of onion and cubeb seeds . Mash until smooth with 1 teaspoon of cumin . Add 4 tablespoons of lukewarm water . Then stir until blended and sharing . Drink the potion of water 2 times a day , morning and afternoon . When diligent drink it , the pain will be reduced and cured .Betel Leaves For NosebleedsIf the nose bleeds , because of falling , collision or other causes , could be suffering from a nosebleed while . To stop a nosebleed , take a piece of betel leaf . Break the stem , then rolled up and inserted into the nostril nosebleed . During corked nose , the patient must be in a lying position . Let stand for 15-30 minutes in length , to be afraid anymore blood out .