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About eyes and eye cosmetics

-Wash your hands prior to coloring of the eyes.

-If no need to correct, we recommend that you avoid the use of eye makeup. If at home, let alone eye clean of makeup. Make an eye makeup can't rest properly.

-Excessive Veneration of eye makeup will heighten the possibility of eye damage or problematic.

-Choose a product that is already assured mutunya.

-Every woman has a different level of skin sensitivity, before using the eye cosmetics,
We recommend that you apply a little first. If in the area was itchy and Red-Red, discontinue use.

-Don't make it a habit to lend cosmetics on others.

-Refer to the content of elements that support the cosmetic packaging.

-Learn how to properly memoleskan the eye makeup.

-Be careful to use the brace to the eyes. In addition to the lashes will be easily drawn also allows the inclusion of dust stuck to the rubber brace.

-Mascara is the easiest cosmetic touches the cornea. Therefore choose a waterproof mascara. In addition to not easily blend in with tears, also menyaputkannya practical, simply just once.

-Clean the eye makeup as soon as possible so home travel.

-When will clear mascara should be careful. Mascara junky difficult to clean than a more quality mascara. Avoid cleaning the eyelash penghitam it with water as it will cause a lumpy, therefore special cleaners use mascara.

-Be very careful using hairspray because the liquid that is sprayed will be harmful to
eye health. Use a plastic mask.