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HOW TO ELIMINATE skin fungus

How to Eliminate Panu
Below are various traditional ways to eliminate Panu. Tinea versicolor is a fungus that grows into the skin causing the skin color of white spots. It was of course very annoying especially once accompanied by itching. The cause of tinea versicolor can be very diverse, ranging from less clean lifestyle, rarely washing clothes, often exchanging clothes with a stout man.

Here are 7 ways to eliminate traditional or treat tinea versicolor. Immediately see good below.

1 Take a sulfur taste and mash until smooth. Mixing into coconut oil and lime juice to taste. Apply the solution on the part of the scabious or phlegm. Perform one consecutive weeks or until ringworm or tinea versicolor lost.

2 basil leaves to taste and puree. Mix with whiting, a little cucumber and sulfur. Apply the solution to the berpanu skin.

3 Some stalk flower ylang, puree. Mix with the telahdihaluskan beleang taste and coconut oil. Apply or rubbed into the skin berpanu solution.

4. handful of leaves turi and 2 segment ginger that has been pounded. Apply on phlegm every time out shower, every morning and afternoon. Do it up phlegm lost.

5. Galangal which has been shredded mixed with kerosene is also effective as a medicine. Spread the herbs on the skin fungus.

6 3 pandan leaves, puree. Mixed with sulfur which has been pounded and a little coconut oil. Apply to skin berpanu, do every time before bed.

7 seruas Langkuas that has been shredded mixed with 7 black ants that have been pounded. Apply on the skin berpanu.

Above are 7 ways to cure skin fungus or ringworm traditional, way above the already proven and highly effective addition to curing also free of side effects, so it is suitable for everyone.

Hope can help you, if there is criticism and suggestions or questions regarding skin fungus or ringworm please add it in the comments field below.