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Powerful ways to back such as vaginal Moor Virgin

Powerful ways to back such as vaginal Moor Virgin
photo by http://carapriaperkasa.blogspot.com
Herb Moore at vagina. Herb rice and turmeric to use this very powerful especially for those already gave birth. As the vagina again and the meeting was not pregnant and giving birth. Wait what let her vagina like Virgin try to steer the meeting said the recipe below


3 tablespoons rice
Galingali finger 3
1 thumb turmeric 1 jahe1 tablespoon lemon fruit asam1
125 grams of sugar Palm
Salt to taste leaves to taste.

Here's how:

It soak rice in water for 3 hours, kaimbviria galanga, tamarind, turmeric, ginger and boiling water glasses with bandanwangi 3 and then milled or ground smooth, even one with rice. And slowly boiled water in the herb crushed then squeezed and filtered, enter into a glass. Furthermore enter the sugar, salt and lemon juice in a glass of yesterday, stirring until blended.

Usage rules

Drink 3 times a day and do this for a few days and then will shrink the uterus and found new bodies in shape.