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Reduce the pain of menstrual cramps while

Often the flavor of seizure and ill attack in menstruation. These symptoms can be muted with gymnastics menstruation on a regular basis. Berbariglah with knees bent. Let the feet remained docked on the floor. Expand the hand straight above the head, then swing your arms forward, while pushing away toward the sitting position, align the foot.

Keep the fingers touching your toes. This position is doing in a State seat. Repeat this movement six times. Gymnastics can be done 3 times a day, especially when pain and spasm attack.

Other exercises can be done while standing. Stand facing a wall, with 40 cm silangkan hand, attach to the walls as high as the shoulder. Then push your hips forward until it touches the wall. Hold for 1 minute, keep your knees straight, then returns to its original position. Do 6 times.