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How To Disguise The Cheekbones

figs these shading and cosmetics used are not much different with blusher.It's just, shading more emphasis on the shape of the cheekbones are too harsh and somewhat prominent and cosmetics used are usually creamy or powdered form.

Do as follows:
1. Wear Foundation in advance as usual, select the corresponding to the color of the skin.
2. apply a rather dark colored perona Wednesday just below cheekbones.
3. Flatten with the Palm of the hand or the middle finger toward the inside to come close to the Chin. If using powder, wear shaped perona Wednesday brush large and in the same section.
4. Look on the face of the mirror is already look rather changed. If not, could have added a little more.
5. next DAB the powder a little lighter coloured sow from the Foundation with a large brush. Continue with solid powder is a bit ditekan-tekan at memakainnya.